54. The Power of Peer Groups

Wayne Small, the CEO of SMBiT Professionals, joins Brendan to explore the challenges and opportunities in the MSP industry, with a specific focus on the needs of small businesses in ANZ.

Diving into topics ranging from integrating AI effectively, mitigating macroeconomic risks, collaborating with other MSPs, and identifying client retention opportunities.


  • 0:00 Who’s Small Business IT professionals?
  • 3:20 What’s the situation for new MSP?
  • 6:40 Creating a unique brand proposition for small MSPs
  • 9:15 Consulting opportunity: Integrating AI as a service
  • 15:20 Downsides of an AI approach to consulting
  • 18:20 The opportunities and risks of running a remote MSP
  • 23:15 How are MSPs handling wage inflation and pricing
  • 26:30 How small MSPs are working together with other MSPs
  • 29:30 MSP performance in Australia
  • 34:40 Is Microsoft competing with MSPs?
  • 36:40 What’s stopping MSPs from levelling up?
  • 38:30 How would you start an MSP today?
  • 41:10 The lost opportunity to make clients sticky

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