A bit about me

Hi, I'm brendan

In my day job as CRO at Lightwire, I am constantly telling the team to focus on the customer experience, and it just so happens that our customers are largely MSPs.

Our thinking is that if we deliver a fantastic experience, our partners will get ahead, become more profitable, and associate at least some of that success with the efforts we have made.

When thinking about what else we could do to help our partners win, it dawned on me that there really isn’t a meeting point for people in the industry, somewhere where relevant news and insights can be presented and a meeting of the minds take place.

I want to facilitate that, and hope that in doing so I can add value to those operating in the industry that I am so heavily invested in.

I don’t know nearly enough to make this happen alone, so I will be getting guests in each fortnight to share their insights, founding stories and opinions that we can all learn form.

Nick Phillips - head of business
A bit about me

Hi, I'm Nick

The managed service space in Australia and New Zealand is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets in the world. Winning as an MSP isn’t easy.

In my job as Head of Business at Lightwire, I help MSPs get ahead with connectivity solutions like 3CX and Hyperfibre from proof of concept to production. 

Combined with my previous experiences in Managed IT Services where I designed and implemented technology solutions for modern businesses that require secure, resilient and mobile solutions that scale. 

I have the business and tech insights that will help your MSP get ahead, and ultimately win.