Why industry awards don’t matter and how not to do a comparison page

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How not to make a comparison page



Hi, Brendan. I’m the head of business for Lightwire, which is a trans-Tasman telco specialising in wholesale and channel.

How not to make a comparison page

I’ll kick off with something I saw from your show a couple of weeks ago and I’m just looking at the date. No, it can’t see the day, but it’s certainly a couple of weeks ago, but still very, very interesting.

For context, I might actually read out what Philip Britt from Aussie Broadband said on LinkedIn. Absolutely targeted at Telstra. So if you’ll allow me. There it goes. You know you’ve made it when the 400 pound Telstra gorilla feels the need to create a comparison page. Shame, some of that data isn’t correct. Phillip tagged the CEO of Telstra. You might want to get your team to use current Netflix stats, and whilst they’re updating, perhaps add your Google product review ratio of 1.7 stars versus our 4.5!

Interestingly, they don’t compare any other providers. We’ll take that compliment. Perhaps consider adding how much more expensive your plans are to, but we’re going to send you a legal letter like you do to us all the time, but figured this would be more efficient and cheaper.

Update: as of 10 December the comparison page has been taken down. You can see the original LinkedIn message here.

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